About me

I am a creative thinker, a problem-solver, a Digital Product Designer driven to create and bring new ideas into life. Having a multidisciplinary approach from studying Industrial Design where I covered subjects from HCI and Information Systems Design to Graphic Design and Branding, I can think beyond the obvious to deliver experiences in any medium, both digital and as a service, that revolve around the users and their needs.

I am always eager to design product experiences that combine form with function. I am more interested in the design process than simply the execution and I love to focus on the research and development phase of a product rather than moving pixels around and playing with grids early on. Usability testing is in my DNA and combined with analytics I try to solve every business problem while staying true to the principles and values of the product and it’s users.

I believe that Good Design is iterative, collaborative and humble. Humility is the most valuable quality that a Designer can have and I have recognized the impact that ego can have on one’s ability to receive feedback, leverage data to justify decisions, remain open-minded to new ideas, and collaborate with teammates. My mantra is that UX is a team effort and is way more than just a job title.

An animation lover, a BJJ practitioner, a guitar player for over a decade and an amateur stage actor, I eventually made my passion for design a way to earn a living.